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  • Mercy Chiwala (reporter)

    I take care of my home. I am intelligent. I have one child and I am able to take care of it. I do small-scale business and I have never been prosecuted in court. I am proud to be a Malawian.

  • Robson Kalowa (loader)

    I’m aged 24, married with two children. I’m a man of the people. I try to travel to other countries like Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia. I have four certificates including project management.

  • Store Manford (loader)

    I’m an energetic man, friendly. I’m a good farmer at growing vegetables. I am married with two kids, a son and daughter. I like to watch football and listen to R&B. I have HIV/AIDS counselling certificate.

  • Lazaro Pensulo (camera)

    I work as a stores clerk. I have Malawi School Certificate. I have four children, two sons and two daughters. I am 38 years. I enjoy choral singing in my Roman Catholic church.

  • Wilson Kolojere (camera)

    I like praying. I’m hardworking and I enjoy watching soccer and going to development meetings. I am a skilled carpenter. I inherited farmland.

  • Jeffrey Andson (producer)

    I am a member of the Joint Body at Satemwa. I like praying and singing in the choir. I am Chairman of the Roman Catholic church. I’m married with two kids. I am healthy and strong. I can do project management.