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  • Sainsbury’s Everyday Scottish Blend Red Label Tea

    Sainsbury’s Everyday Scottish Blend Tea is part of Sainbury’s own-brand tea range which is now all Fairtrade certified. Find more about their range at www.sainsburys.co.uk.

  • Rare Tea Company Lost Malawi Tea

    Rare Tea Company Lost Malawi Tea is a 100% Fairtrade single estate speciality tea. This simply means that all of it comes from Satemwa and is not blended with other tea leaves. To find out more about the Rare Tea Company visit www.rareteacompany.com.

  • Tesco Finest Leaf Tea

    Tesco Finest Leaf Tea contains Fairtrade certified black tea from Satemwa and is among a growing range of Fairtrade products in Tesco’s own-brand selection. Read more about Tesco’s Fairtrade certified products at www.tesco.com.

  • Sainsburys Red Label Tea

    Sainsbury’s Red Label Tea is a popular Fairtrade certified retail product in Sainsbury’s own-brand selection containing black tea from Satemwa. See more about Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Certified teas at www.sainsburys.co.uk.