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  • Kate Hambeyani (loader)

    I like to listen to what others say and respect their views. I am proud of myself because I am Secretary General of the women’s trade union in my area. I look after my brother’s five children. I have visited other places in Malawi like Mzuzu.

  • Stewart Kambalame (reporter)

    I am a Sunday school teacher and a preacher. I’m matured. I started growing tea at 18. I’ve got two fish dams, chickens, one wife and ten children. I take care of them. I’m a peaceful man.

  • Rodrick Chikopa (reporter)

    I was born in 1944. In 1974 I grew tea for the first time. I am a grandfather of 15. I am proud because I can say I am the oldest tea grower. I am an expert in general agriculture.

  • Ndaona Chizungu (camera)

    I grow tea with my grandparents. I’m different because I like farming with my grandparents. I’m proud to be here taking part as the youngest in the Ask Malawi project. I am 20 years old.

  • Belita Kasambira (camera)

    I am happy with high self esteem. I am thankful and grateful for everything. I am healthy and strong and have food and a house. I am a grandmother of three. I am a good business woman.

  • Chrissy Magona (producer)

    I have travelled to the north of the country. I am a mother of 6, all educated. I like praying and I am proud to be a tea grower. I sell my tea to Satemwa factory.