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  • Bruno Makokola (loader)

    I am the youngest tea grower (24 years old). I like watching and playing football. I am captain of Maonga football team. I have land for hire in Lilongwe and a tea farm. I am married.

  • Tonny Kawiriza (loader)

    I am a young man, educated, married with two children. A Christian. I am proud to be self employed. I am head of my family and mediator of five projects.

  • Francis Juma (camera)

    I am leader of the Community Policing Forum. I’ve got a lot of land to cultivate. I am a counsellor for gender based violence. I am a mediator for marriage disputes and I rear dogs for sale.

  • Eme Dickson (reporter)

    I am a joyous character. I like smiling and singing and drama. I inherited a big tea farm. I have three children and I’m married. I go to lots of group meetings.

  • Wyson Kalunga (reporter)

    I like praying a lot. I am humble and a good listener. I am proud of the life God has given me. I’m a proud family man with lots of responsibilities in family and church. I have one child.

  • Samson Nkoma (producer)

    I look quiet but I think a lot. I have eight children. I am proud of my eight children because they take care of me. My wife loves me very much as if we met yesterday.